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Watch Jaguar I-Pace Crash Repeatedly To Earn 5-Star Safety Rating

Watch Jaguar I-Pace Crash Repeatedly To Earn 5-Star Safety Rating

Watch Jaguar I-Pace Crash Repeatedly To Earn 5-Star Safety Rating

DEC 5 2018 BY



Appears to do well on AEB test.

We hate to see a perfectly good Jaguar I-Pace get destroyed. The exception to this, of course, is safety testing, where the only occupants of the vehicle are crash test dummies. In that case, we’re ready to sit back, roll tape, and watch the carnage. We invite you to do the same.

In the video above, you’ll witness at least four examples of the all-electric crossover being sacrificed to the gods of automobile safety. The diety in question here is the European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP) and apparently, they like what they see in the crumpling of the I-Pace. They’ve blessed the vehicle with a 5-star rating.

More about the Jaguar I-Pace

The agency breaks down that rating as well, offering four separate scores. Here, it achieved a 91 percent for adult occupants and 81 percent for child occupants.  Tests for “vulnerable road users” scores 73 percent and it gets an 81 percent in the safety assist category. You can read all the gory details in the complete 14-page report (PDF) at this link.

Besides the usual full front impact, front offset impact, side and pole impacts, the video also features a look at its automatic emergency braking  (AEB) system. That feature came dead last in a recent test by a Norwegian publication, but here it seems to perform well at 50 kph (31 miles an hour). It does suffer an impact at a slightly faster 65 kph (40.39 mph), but the damage certainly seems mitigated.

Also interesting is the pedestrian head impact test. In order to decrease the level of injury to an unfortunate pedestrian, the I-Pace has sensors in its bumper which can detect a collision with a person. If that happens, an airbag under the hood pops it up, which can lessen the extent of injury. The report says protection provided by the hood “…to the head of a struck pedestrian predominantly ranged from marginal to good.

Check out our gallery below of the crash test aftermath.

7 photos

Source: Euro NCAP

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