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An Exclusive Look At Cadillac’s New Headquarters In Michigan

An Exclusive Look At Cadillac’s New Headquarters In Michigan

Cadillac will soon move from its high-end Manhattan headquarters in SoHo to a far less trendy pad in Warren, Michigan.

GM Authority’s sister site, Cadillac Society, recently took a trip out to Warren to get a look at Cadillac’s new digs.

The building is located at 30400 Van Dyke Ave and is situated right across the street from General Motors’ Warren Tech Center. This places it right across the street from the site where nearly all of the engineering for its vehicles will be carried out. Cadillac’s recently-appointed president Steve Carlisle has previously stated that the main reason behind Cadillac’s decision to flee New York for Michigan involves “inefficiencies” associated with developing the upcoming onslaught of future Cadillac vehicles in Michigan while being headquartered all the way on the East Coast.

There were a few current Cadillac vehicles in the parking lot when Cadillac Society stopped by, but apart from that, there was nothing indicating that this will be the future HQ of one of America’s most famous luxury automakers. The sign in front of the building still read “General Motors – Vehicle Engineering Center East” as well.

Cadillac Headquarters Office - Warren - Michigan - December 2018 012

Cadillac’s NYC offices looked like every New Yorker’s dream workplace. The company also operates a cafe out of the ground floor of the office space called Cadillac House, but we imagine that will close down now that it’s bailing on Manhattan.

Cadillac has plenty of time to make itself comfortable, however, with the automaker not expected to move in until April 2019. We’re sure GM will clean the place up nicely, but for employees, we imagine it will still pale in comparison to its Manhattan HQ.  Or even the Renaissance Center in Detroit.

Cadillac Headquarters – New York City

Cadillac’s new office building was previously home to longtime GM ad partner Lowe Campbell Ewald, but GM has been using it for additional engineering operations since the company moved out.

Stay tuned to GM Authority for more Cadillac news coverage.

(source: Cadillac Society)

Cadillac Headquarters Office

— Sam McEachern

A Canadian-born vehicle enthusiast providing coverage on daily General Motors news

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