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Four-Door 4WD Celica in DC: 1993 Toyota Carina 5-Speed

Four-Door 4WD Celica in DC: 1993 Toyota Carina 5-Speed

This 1993 Toyota Carina is a sixth-generation T190 platform 4WD model, which could also be considered a ninth-generation Corona depending on market, spec and trim. Power comes from the common 3S-FE 2.o liter four found in contemporary Camrys and US-market, naturally-aspirated Mk2 MR2s, though we wonder how difficult it could be to swap in a more performance-biased 3S-GE or even turbocharged 3S-GTE, the latter of which could make for a kind of four-door Celica GT-Four. Looks are highly reminiscent of the same era’s seventh-gen Corolla, though these Carinas are slightly bigger in all dimensions. As alluded to above, these are essentially four-door Celicas, and this one’s 5-speed should keep things more interesting than with the commonly-seen 4-speed automatic option. The car looks to be in nice shape, and the ad claims no rust or mechanical issues while also noting recent timing belt and water pump services. At the very least, this one could make for an unusual and fun-to-drive winter car for someone in the snowbelt. Find it here on Craigslist in Washington, DC for $5,500.

Four-Door 4WD Celica in DC: 1993 Toyota Carina 5-Speed

To the non-enthusiast eye, exterior styling probably strongly resembles just another beige-colored 990’s Toyota, but a closer look reveals many differences, most notably the wraparound taillight treatment. Ride height is taller than that of a standard FWD variant, and paint finish also looks reflective and unblemished, atop straight and properly aligned sheet metal. Badging on the rear end identifies the car as a 2.0 SG, while decals on the rear doors advertise full-time 4WD.

Four-Door 4WD Celica in DC: 1993 Toyota Carina 5-Speed

The interior will also come as no surprise to those accustomed to 90’s Toyotas. Right-hand drive and some Japanese language stickers point towards it being a domestic market example. What looks like the factory tape deck also remains in place, and there’s a shift pattern badge on the ash tray in front of the lever. Air conditioning still works according to the ad, and things look mostly stock apart from the wooden shift knob–seats are wear a different color of upholstery and may be from another car–the rear bench isn’t shown. Note the lack of a tachometer, kind of odd for a mid-range car of this era.

Four-Door 4WD Celica in DC: 1993 Toyota Carina 5-Speed

Here’s the 3S-FE DOHC 2.0 liter 16-valve four. It’s said to benefit from a recent timing belt and water pump service, and the ad further claims no mechanical problems. Output is respectable with 126 horsepower at 5600 RPM and 132 lb. ft. of torque at 4400.

Four-Door 4WD Celica in DC: 1993 Toyota Carina 5-Speed

Power is sent to both axles through a full-time 4WD system which uses a viscous center differential, and the seller mentions a good set of tires too.

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