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Volvo XC60 Driver Thinks He’s Playing GTA, Weaves And Crashes

Volvo XC60 Driver Thinks He’s Playing GTA, Weaves And Crashes

This crash should rank mighty high on anyone’s list of accidents that you react to by doing a facepalm. There was a red light and a large group of cars already stationary, yet the driver of that first-gen Volvo XC60 thought it was a good time to weave through traffic.

In the end, the inevitable happened, as the Swedish crossover crashed into some of the cars ahead. The only positive here is that the impact didn’t occur at high speed. Still, we don’t know if anyone was injured.

Aside from the fact that this took place on December 8th somewhere in Russia, no other information was released. Although we suspect that once authorities got involved, the driver at fault suffered all necessary legal consequences. The fact that the crash was caught on dashcam surely helped with that too.

So what causes somebody to drive so irresponsibly? Weaving through traffic is usually a sign of haphazard cockiness – that, or the Volvo was involved in a movie-like car chase, which didn’t seem to be the case. As for anybody wondering if this might have been an emergency, to that we say: so what? If you really need to get somewhere quickly, doing so safely beats not getting there at all.

In the end, had the cammer not moved out of the way, it’s possible that the XC60 might not even have fit through that initial gap. Eventually though, its driver was reminded that they weren’t on a motorcycle, nor were they in some super-fast and agile SUV.


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via Carscoops

December 10, 2018 at 08:59PM


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