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Former Land Rover Employee Reunited With Car After 70 Years

Former Land Rover Employee Reunited With Car After 70 Years

One former Land Rover employee got a chance to take a literal drive down memory lane when she got to get behind the wheel of one of the very vehicles she worked on 70 years ago.

Dorothy Peters joined the company in 1946, aged 15. She worked at the service department at the Lode Lane factory work on the very first Series Land Rovers to be built at the site. Now aged 87, Peters was reunited with one of those very cars, the 16th off the production line.

The reunion happened after Mike Bishop, a Land Rover Classic’s Reborn Engineering Specialist and heritage expert, spotted an old photograph of Peters posing next to a car that he actually now owns.

The Defender is coming back:

“Over the course of Land Rover Fest I was fortunate enough to talk to many enthusiasts and former employees,” Bishop said. “When I was approached by a very charming lady with some pictures of her time at Solihull, I had no idea we would share a special connection to ‘number 16’.”

“Her enthusiasm for the company and this vehicle, in particular, was wonderful as was her surprise when she discovered I now owned the car,” he added. “I knew instantly we needed to reunite them.”

Following the discovery, Land Rover worked closely with Peters’ daughter to put together a day full of surprises where she returned to Land Rover’s Solihull factory.

“I couldn’t believe the reaction to my pictures at the Festival in Solihull,” Peters said. “I had no idea this one conversation would take me on a journey down memory lane and on the wonderful off-road track at Solihull.”

“The opportunity to share this day with my daughter and granddaughters was a wonderful surprise and to see how different the factory is today was very special,” she continued. “It all felt like a dream and I won’t ever forget it.”

Source: Land Rover

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December 11, 2018 at 08:01AM


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