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On This Day In F1 – Schumacher Raced Against A Fighter Jet

On This Day In F1 – Schumacher Raced Against A Fighter Jet

As publicity stunts go, racing an F1 car against a fighter jet is something that will always go down well.

In 2003, a race was organised in honour of two anniversaries – the centenary of manned flight, and 50 years since Tazio Nuvolari’s death – a man who also raced against an aeroplane.

Michael Schumacher took on a Eurofighter Typhoon with his Ferrari F2003-GA in three drag races over three different distances – 600 metres, 900 metres, and 1200 metres.

Despite the wet surface, Schumacher narrowly won over the shorter distance but was trounced over the longer one.

In the 900-metre decider the jet claimed absolute victory, winning by two-tenths of a second.

For once, Schumacher didn’t seem too fussed about losing, saying:

That was just about the only thing he and Ferrari lost in the early 2000s…

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via WTF1

December 11, 2018 at 12:49PM


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