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Porsche recalling Macan, Cayenne accessory over incorrect thread? – Roadshow

Porsche recalling Macan, Cayenne accessory over incorrect thread? – Roadshow


This unassuming black fabric ski bag could just be waiting to free itself from its bonds and fire itself through your Macan’s windshield.


Personally, I hate the phrase “First World problems,” but it’s tough to imagine a problem that more closely fits that category than the one that is currently plaguing 95 Porsche owners. See, Porsche filed a recall with NHTSA on Nov. 28 due to Porsche branded ski bags (Part number 95B.860.811) with straps that may have been sewn using the wrong thread. Far from being just an aesthetic faux pas, the thread could fail in the event of a crash, sending the ski bag flying.

Now, of course, having your skis hurtle toward you from the back of your car to the front at a high rate of speed is a somewhat disturbing thought. However, considering that you have to be the owner of a Cayenne or Macan that bought the Porsche branded ski bag in the first place, and then you have to use the thing, you’re probably safe.

On the other hand, if you are the owner of a Macan or Cayenne with the ski bag, you’ll have to either a) postpone your trip to the Alps or b) buy a roof rack. Not the end of the world. If you are one of these 95 unlucky people, you can expect to receive a note from your Porsche dealer sometime soon telling you to come and claim your new free replacement bag.

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via Roadshow

December 11, 2018 at 03:10AM


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