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Will Ford Europe quit like General Motors?

Will Ford Europe quit like General Motors?

Will Ford Europe quit like General Motors?
Experts divided about whether the company should follow GM and leave


Peter Schmidt, editor of respected European newsletter Automotive Industry Data (AID), sees Ford Europe as basically a solid business with the jewel in the crown, a highly profitable commercial van business.

Professor Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer from the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) at the University of Duisberg-Essen in Germany says Ford Europe lacks the scale to compete with mainstream European car and SUV manufacturers, and may need to sell this part of the operation.

The possibility of collaboration with Volkswagen on small commercial vehicles is timely, as Ford’s van business and VW’s electric expertise would allow the companies to take advantage of the expected boom in battery-powered city delivery vehicles.


Ford Europe lost $245 million in the 3rd quarter, compared with a loss of $192 million in the same quarter last year. Ford has said it expects a 2018 loss, after a profit of $234 million in 2017.

Ford Motor said in July it would spend $11 billion on a three to five year global restructuring program. Europe is expected to see the bulk of the action with big job losses. Last week Ford Europe said it reshuffled its leadership ahead of an expected shakeup in the loss-making organization.

Ford Europe has said it wants to concentrate on profit-making SUVs and vans and to cut loss-making vehicles. Ford has been discussing collaboration plans with Volkswagen, which so far have centered on vans. This might be extended to cover electric and autonomous vehicles.

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via GM Inside News Forum

December 11, 2018 at 06:36AM


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